Poorly boy x

Happy lad is poorly. He was sent home from school this afternoon and has been in bed fast asleep ever since. He’s always had health problems . He was diagnosed asthmatic at only twelve months old after being admitted to hospital a dozen times with breathing problems. He’s averaged two trips to hospital every year ever since. We actually know the nurses and doctors by name on the childrens ward. He has also spent most of his little life trying to beat eczema breakouts too. As a baby he was actually red faced for most of the year . For his second birthday I had a Tee shirt made for him that said  “Yes I have Eczema”   “Yes I’ve seen a doctor”  “Yes we have creme for it”  “Yes mum’s tried that”
because I was so sick of peoples rude comments and inane questions.
At ten years old he had his tonsils removed after years of tonsilitus.
Eighteen months ago he was disgnosed with Coeliac disease , twelve months after his older sister. It’s an auto ammune disease that is caused by Gluten. They have to have a gluten free diet or they can become very ill and in extreme cases end up in a coma or even die.
He also has an under developed bladder and has to take tablets every day and wear nappy type night pants because even medicated he still wets the bed.
Happy Lad takes four different types of tablet a day and two inhalers but he’s still a ray of sunshine ninty percent of the time. He is waiting for a referal for an assement with a speicalist to see if he has dyspraxia and ADD . He isn’t developing the same as his peers emotionally or socially and his school work has always been an issue. He still insists on hugs and kisses from me , I know it’s lovely but at eleven its not entirely normal. Given the chance he’d still sit on my knee and have a cuddle. He doesn’t seem to be able to process information properly , instructions have to be very clear and given as one simple task at a time . For example you can’t tell him to tidy his room and expect him to know what to do , or what to do first. You have to break it up , tidy your room has to become , pick up the toys and put them in the box. Put your clothes on coat hangers in the wardrobe. And so on. It’s hard work and very frustrating . The idea of Happy Lad having some sort of label doesn’t thrill me , it scares me to be honest but I need to know that he’s not just a lazy toad, that im not just being unreasonable. He also has no danger sence and can’t see the consequences of things , he struggles to read other peoples emotions too so if you shout he will become upset, he struggles with sarcasm and has a very limited attention span unless its some thing he really likes then he can be engrosed for days if not interupted.

Kids , who’d have them!

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