Girly Saturday

G Girl and I went to Chester shopping on Saturday with my sister in law “Kel” and her mum “Steph” . The trip was planned weeks ago to give G Girl some speical attention and show her women can be good to each other!  Over the last six months she’s been wittness to the most horrific behavior from some of the women closest to her. My sister “Hell Beast” reported me and Mr C to social services . She had invented the most terrible claims and said truely unforgivable things. All in the hope of splitting Mr C and I up, and making me ill with my deppression again. My mother was also in on the plan , she would be the one to come to the rescue of my children when there pathetic mother couldn’t cope due to the pressure. Needless to say the plan didn’t work .
Socal services investigated the claims and agreed they were the invention on the Hell Beasts twisted mind! G Girl needed to spend some time with women who respect and love each other , who treat each other well all the time not just when they want some thing.
I really admire Kel and Stephs relationship , it’s exactly what I hope for when I think of the future for G Girl and I .
We had a lovely day , wondering around the shops and the christmas market and then went for lunch together at G Girls favourite restaurant.

A truely lovely day with some lovely women!

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