The bullys won’t win!

G Girl has had another bad day at school. She’s being bullied , that in it’s self is bad enough but the culprit is her cousin. My neice. Evil Em has always been difficult . She’s the type of child that rubs people up the wrong way , she is very selfish and materialistic. All her evil attention is now focused on my daughter because of the changes with in the family in the last year.

Evil E , is my brothers only daughter , she is the eldest of his two children to his first wife.  My brother hasn’t had any contact with his eldest two children for seven years , there were lots of reasons for him stopping contact, im not condoning fathers leaving thier children and moving on with their lives but his reasons were all good and for the best for everyone involved.   My brother cut contact with the whole family years ago and we hadn’t heard anything from him until six months ago. Our aunt on my fathers side passed away and him and his wife came to the funeral. I was in shock when I first saw them , I already felt isolated and alone because I wasn’t speaking to my sister and I wasn’t getting on with my mum. I had no idea what to say when he came over and spoke to me. I’d seen him talking to mum and dad already and I was very unsure what was happening. We chatted about kids and family life , him and his wife now have four sons , they only had one the last time we saw each other. I told them all about Cheeky Chap because they didn’t know about him and I told them how G Girl and H lad had grown and changed. We exchanged numbers and said we’d be intouch. He soon decided not to keep up contact with our sister or our parents as they haven’t changed at all . But we have slowly rebuilt our relationship and got to know each other better than we ever did.

Evil E is not happy with this situation , she is angry that G Girl gets to see her dad and she doesn’t . But she is also being fed all the extra twisted drivel from my sister , she is being used by my sister and my mother to get to G Girl and to get to me. We won’t let them win . They won’t beat us down.

I was bullied at high school so I know how G Girl feels. It’s terrible to think of your baby going through some thing so horrible.

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