Im not pregnant!

I’ve had a pain in my side since thursday. Down low on my right side . I saw the doc yesterday just incase it was some thing that would get worse over the weekend. Her first thought was an ectopic pregnancy … this would be very unlikely , I’ve been sterilised and Mr C had a vasectomy years ago! That makes the odds very low of us getting pregnant and thats before you take into account the heavy duty chemo therepy that Mr C had when he was ill. God may move in mysterious ways but im not sure even he could pull that one off! She did a test anyway. Suprisingly it was negative. She thinks I may have a cyst on my ovary which is causing the pain , or Im getting a water infection.
How about my body is just knackered !
I have a degenerative disc problem in my spine.
Arthritus in my knees.
Carple tunnle syndrome in both wrists.
Low blood pressure.
Irregular heart rhythm.
And now im having problems with my lady bits!

If I was a dog the vet would be suggesting putting me out of my mysery!

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