Lost child!

Im sure it must be every parents worst nightmare. The thing that fills each of us with terror and makes the blood run cold in our veins!

I have my brother and sister in laws eldest son staying with me for the weekend . Myself , G girl , H Lad , Cheeky and my nephew Ben walked down to Tescos earlier to do some shopping . The older three walked ahead of Cheeky and I , which was fine because its a pretty straight road. I’d told them I wanted to call into B&Q on the way past to look at the christmas trees. They gradually got further and further ahead as we walked, Cheeky and I had to keep stopping (he needed to look at trees and the river and everything else we past!) so pretty soon i’d lost sight of them. I knew they had just gone round the corner and assumed they would wait for us by the wall just before the car park.   They didn’t.
 As we turned the corner there was no sign of them. Maybe they had decided to wait at the corner of the shops.
  They hadn’t .
 My eyes darted accross the busy car park, trying to catch a glimps of them between all the people doing their christmas shopping . No sign of them. They weren’t on this side of the shops and I couldn’t see them on the car park anywhere. 

 Cheeky and I made our way accross the car park, between the bustling people and motorists trying to find a space. over to B&Q . They weren’t waiting outside the store , or watching the entertainment just inside the doors.

 My heart was in my throat.

 Not only had I lost my own two children but i’d also lost my nephew.

 I held Cheekys hand tightly and we walked towards the christmas trees, surely they would be there.

 They weren’t . As I headed back towards the entrance , my guts contorted into a tight knot and my heart pounding like it might explode G Girl came round the corner as though nothing was wrong.

I had the staff put out an anouncement for the boys to come to the desk .

 I shouted at all three of them , asking what they were thinking wondering off like that. But at the same time I just wanted to hug and kiss them all and tell them how much I love them.

 I said a silent thankyou prayer to God for getting them back to me safely.

 In the few minutes that they were missing (although it felt like an hour) every terrible thing that happens in this world went through my head. All those cruel and twisted things we convince ourselves could never happen to our children or loved ones were right there in the fore front of my mind.

 Nothing changes you like having children and although right now they are getting louder and louder playing a game together and they have made so much mess I don’t recognise my home. I wouldn’t give them up for the world and I thank God they are ok and they are mine.

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