The worst thing about pain is it gets in the way of everything!

Moving … you know it’ll hurt if you do it wrong so you are always aware of it. Thinking… eventually all you can think is how much things hurt.

The human body is very poorly designed , well maybe not all of them but mine at least! At the moment my body feels broken, my girly bits are conspiring to distroy me. Im light headed, feel very sick and lathargic . The pain i’ve had in my right side for the last week is different now , not worse as such but different. I also feel like a little gremlin is grating the inside of my womb with a rusty old grater. Im sure we were told in biology lessons at school that women only lose about a cup full of blood during a period . My body should have payed more attention to those lessons!

I find it hard to deal with pain i’ll be honest , its just so much work.

When I used to work with the elderly it was funny that I had half the problems they had and seemed more decrepid than half of them, now its just rediculous !

Im thirty two years old but I have the body of an old woman. I actually think if I won the lottery i’d spend half of it on fixing my broken bits. Or paying people to do the things I struggle with.

Doing the laundry (bending is a killer on my back and squatting hurts my knees)

Lifting things down from high shelves (stretching up always risks my back going into spasm)

Shopping (would be ok if I didn’t have to walk around a lot and carry things)

cycling (as I don’t drive this is essential but it hurts my knees when its cold and pulls my back going up hill)

Picking up after my children ( again with the bending or squatting!)

Pain killers are great but the strong ones that actually work are too strong to take all the time.

I can’t think straight now .. im really dopey

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