Pet sitting

I received a text last night from a complete stranger asking me if i’d be available to look after her dog over new year. She has been given my number from a friend of a friend of mine whom I dog sat for as a favour a few weeks ago. Im sure some people would be annoyed by this but im actually thrilled! I am planning on setting up my own pet sitting business from home . Looking after the more exotic pets that kennels and catteries won’t take. Getting people to water your plants while you’re on holiday is one thing but not many neighbours will feed your python or walk your ferrits. I have always had a fasination for exotic pets, i’ve kept snakes and lizards since I was little. Right now we have one dog called Ben who is mad as a hatter. A jungle carpet python called Angel who is six foot long , a Leopard Gecko called Sunny that belongs to G Girl , three female fancy rats and two male (we’re setting up a breading collony) . two Tortoises , one called Octavian who is in hybernation at the moment and one called Maurise who I rescued from terrible neglect last summer and have nursed back to health.

In the past i’ve had Ferrits , cats , cockatiels , Terrapins , chickens and ducks, stick insects, fish, frogs and a pig. Not to mention rabbits , guinne pigs , mice and gerbils and hamsters. I love animals of all shapes and sizes , scaley furry big and small. Its nice to know that once I am set up word of mouth will be good. Then i’ll get to play with lots of different animals without the risk of me actually keeping them! I think I could actually turn into a crazy cat woman or one of those animal hoarders you see on TV that just can’t turn away unloved dogs or neglected reptiles. Animal neglect is one of the most frustrating things as far as im conserned. People can’t say they don’t know how to take care of the pets they buy from pet shops these days … the internet maybe full of junk and porn but it’s also bursting with information and people who know what they’re talking about! Sorry I want off on alittle rant then ! lol

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