Am I the only woman who enjoys giving head?

It has come to my attention that not all women like giving blow jobs!

I am shocked , this has shaken me to my very core!

How can some thing that gives a woman so much power not be loved by us all?

I gave my first blow job very early on in my sexual journey and have loved every single one ever since (there have been a lot) and im told im very good at it.  I really can’t understand what’s not to love… granted the taste isn’t to everyones liking but that shouldn’t be enough to put a confidant sexually liberated woman off giving the best “job” she can.
 The power you hold when you take his pride and joy between your lips is truely the most amazing feeling. You can be in complete controll , every movement , every flick of the tongue is up to you. And with some practice you can learn to controll exactly when he’ll cum . So you don’t have to fear the end result you can aim it somewhere more to your taste (most men are pretty pleased if they get to cum on your boobs!) and he’ll still be putty in your hands!

So do the women out there who don’t give head still expect to recieve it? As a woman who has only really discovered the joy that comes from having a man who knows how to use his tongue recently . I have always given without any expectations of getting the same in return, but that was my choice . I had a negative experience in my teens which made me feel uncomfortable with recieving oral sex so even if it was offered (which it often was) I would say no. But are all these women who don’t suck saying no too?

 Maybe im some sort of freak and never realised it? I love sex, every thing about it. Is that not normal ?  Am I in the minority and one of the few women who truely enjoy sex or are there more out there like me? Maybe this is a subject we should look into in more depth!

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1 Response to Am I the only woman who enjoys giving head?

  1. vodkablogs says:

    I’ve been with several who loved to suck me off, and some who just don’t. A real bummer when a chick doesn’t enjoy taking my load into her mouth.

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