Guess where I spent the last few days!

In a hospital ward, Nil by mouth and on a drip.  The pain got worse and my best friend Nicki insisted I went to see the out of hours doctor. She took one look at me and sent me to hospital!
 So what was the cause of all my pain (which im still in) you might ask. Well after xrays and scans (internal and external) and being poked and prodded by everyone they don’t actually know! The best guess is I had a big cyst on my right ovary that burst , causing lots of pain. The other option is that my Appendix is grumbling! What could my Appendix possibly have to grumble about? Anyway they gave in and let me come home .

Im still tender but the pain is starting to subside (Ihope) . I have loads left to do before christmas and now much less time to do it all in . But I have come home to a very lovely clean tidy house thanks to Mr C , and a fruit hamper and a lovely big turkey have been delivered by CAP . Anyway best get on with my jobs now … just incase it is my Appendix and it decides to blow!

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1 Response to Guess where I spent the last few days!

  1. Shafali says:

    You really have a way with words and combined with your ability to laugh at yourself (and your pain,) it makes your posts very readable 🙂 Welcome to blogging. I hope your pain disappears completely before Christmas.

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