Merry Christmas one and all!

Well father christmas has been and gone. He seems to have brought everything my little darlings wished for and im happy to say they have been very gratefull and happy little souls!  The day started at six (not too early im happy to say!) thanks to G Girl who couldn’t bare to wait any longer and woke the boys up. We opened stockings together on my bed as we always do then ventured down stairs to see what the big man had left.
 Cheeky boy was so excited bless him and couldn’t contain himself once in the lounge , he let out an extatic cry and yelled “Mummy santa has been and emptied his sack all over our floor!” . I was a little dissapointed not to have another adult to snigger with!
 Wrapping paper was quickly strewn all over the room , to the sounds of “oohs” and “aarrs” not to mention the “oh cool” that came from Happy Lad at regular intervals.  I love watching their faces as the gifts are revealed . The realisation that the gifts they have wished for since writing the list for Santa weeks ago have actually come to fruition. 
 G Girl couldn’t wait to get her new Dr Marten boots in bright red out of the box and on to her feet. I seems like only yesterday I got my first pair and now my baby has hers. She was made up when she tore off the paper to reveal the hoody with Mickey mouse on the front that she was eyeing on Ebay but never actually mentioned . It’s not just God that moves in mysterious ways , us mums have to too!
Along with the eight new paper backs she recieved, that im sure she’ll have read by January she is also the proud owner of some new CDs and a lovely set of stick on mustaches!

Happy lad is glued to the XBox at every opertunity he gets thanks to the Sky Landers Giants game that Santa has bestowed on him (curtisy of the lovely game shop that gave me store credit in return for all the old games in May!) along with six new skylanders. He was thrilled with his lego sets although I think he’s struggling with the instructions on one set.

Cheeky Boy has been over welmed with everything , bless him. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw his fort (Happys old one) and his pirate ship (also an old one kept in the garage) . Santa gave him Jake and the never land pirate figures to go with his ship and Mike the knight figures for his fort. His favourite gifts have to be his box of wrestlers (second hand bought on line ) and his WWE traiding cards and folder thet Mr C gave him . As you can see half of his gifts have been played with before but when you’re four all that matters is that Santa came and your family love you … Oh and chocolate ! That is one of the most important things of all . Because as everybody knows christmas day is the only day of the year that children are allowed chocolate for breakfast!

I recieved gifts too…  A bike horn from G Girl – its red and flowery and very loud!
 A CD from Happy Lad – Paloma Faith (he’s got great taste in music!)
 A new fruit bowl from Cheeky Boy – its a large fish bowl shape , very cool! ( I bought it and wrapped it , he took the credit as only little boys can.)
 Books from Mr C – ‘Food for free’ and ‘Jams , marmalaids , preserves and curds’.
 A DVD also from Mr C – Sherlock Holmes (Jude Law and Robert Downey JR , oh go on then!)
 I also got home made chutney and fudge from my brother and his family and an unwanted phone call from my father. I let it go to answer phone and he left a message saying he wished we could all be together . Im glad we weren’t together… it was nice !

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