Being stuck on the toilet is no laughing matter!

Yes you guessed it , I got stuck on the toilet!

My back has been bad for days but last night it decided it had had enough.

I had sat and watched a movie with the kids and when it finshed I was bursting for a wee. I had tears streaming down my face before I even got to the stairs , G Girl tried to help bless her and insisted on following me up the stairs incase I fell. I made it up them on my knees, but standing at the top sent waves of pain right through my core and reduced me to sobbing in agony. Eventually I made it and shut myself in the loo, sitting there sobbing quietly aware my daughter was still out side the door I realised something. 

I was stuck, I couldn’t move my legs so I couldn’t stand up. The pain was vibrating through my pelvis and down my legs I felt completely helpless . I had no choice but to ask G Girl to bring me the phone. I called Nicki my best friend in the world but I got the answer phone , there was no other choice I needed someone to think for me as my brain was swimming in pain and unable to process a reasonable plan. I called Mr C , I knew he’d feel terrible because he couldn’t get here (he doesn’t have a car at the moment) but I had no other option it was him or an ambulance and the idea of being helped of the loo by complete strangers didn’t thrill me! He calmed me down chatting to me and got me to put the phone on speaker so he could talk me through standing up. Slowely over about fourty minutes I managed to stand up and gradually get to my bed where I lay motionless on my tummy and listened to the love of my life telling me about his day. 

Sometimes we need help , from medical professionals, doctors or nurses but sometimes we just need to hear a voice on the end of the phone, Someone who loves us completely and will chat to us for half an hour while we slowley drag ourselves off the toilet .

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