New years eve party cancelled!

What a great end to a crappy year!
I’ve had to cancel the party because my backs gone again, for the last few days i’ve hardly been able to walk . Im on really strong pain killers which help but don’t stop it completely, they do give me the shakes and make my head all wibbley but you can’t have everything.
I’ve been trying to get in to see the chiropractor , the sexy Dr Ben. They finally called me back earlier today , they can fit me in on Thursday but Dr Ben doesn’t work there anymore! Gutted ! Whats the point in having a spinal problem if you can’t get man handled by the sexiest doctor ever!

I managed to get to the supermarket this morning and bumped into Mr H he’s an older man who I enjoy teasing from time to time . He told me he thinks i’ve lost weight since he last saw me. Always good to hear! He didn’t offer me a lift home though … maybe he’s got bored of playing with me?

Going to put my feet up now and hope no one turns up for this party.. not sure i’ve managed to let everyone know!

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