The good the bad and the ugly of 2012.

This year has been pretty shite!
In January I took the twat who fathered my eldest children to CSA because he refused to pay towards their upbringing.
Febuary he made a faulse report to the social saying Mr C was living here so I was investigated for benifit fraud.
In March I had the joy of attending the funeral of a boy I used to babysit , he was murdered , he was 20 years old.
In April I was verbaly attacked by my mother infront of her friends and completely humiliated.
I had a huge argument with my sister in which she called me a slut and said I was the most selfish cow she’d ever met.
In May my aunt died suddenly after a massive stroke.
June 7th my aunts funeral
In July I was told i’d been reported to social services.
August , social services started an investigation after my sister made allagations against me and Mr C , she said we locked the kids in the shed and had swinging parties.
In september we had our first full meeting with socal services and people from the kids schools.
October, G Girl starts being bullied at school.
November saw the close of the investigation against us with the social worker admitting that the claims were completely unfounded.
December was my poorly month, hospital stays and pain!

But this year has also seen loads of good things.
My brother and his family are back in my life. G Girl is growing into a beautifull young woman who is doing even better at school than last year.
Happy Lad has managed to settle in really well at high school and supprised us all with his sats results.
Cheeky boy is making great progress in reception class.
Im rediscovering my faith.
Mr C and I grow closer every day, we have such fun together we are the best of friends and have truely fabulas sex!

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