Madness and pain

I’ve been out of action for nearly three weeks now. Im in so much pain one minute I can’t think straight then the pain subsides and I get stuck in to all the many jobs that are mounting up around the house. Next thing I know im in agony again.
It’s really starting to get me down now, my mood is really low infact. Im relying on other people for everything it seems , Mums from the playground are taking Cheeky to school and bringing him home for me , its lovely but I want to be out living my life again not sat here (when im not in too much pain to sit down!) waiting for things to improve.
The kids have been great through all of it , even though im snappy and short tempered and getting them to do so much more around the house… im sure they think im the mum from hell at the moment.

Pain ,pain go away.
Let me live my life my way!

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