Tomorrow is day one!

We have had our fiest meeting and made our plans , tomorrow we start to put them into action!

We (myself , Nicki , Jo and Samara) are joining slimming world and starting our get fit mission! We are starting slowely by swimming twice a week , then we’ll add a yoga class and a weekly walk (taking kids and K9’s too) . Eventually we want to swim Monday and Friday do Yoga on a wednesday and a fitness class like bums N tums or Zumba on a friday (before we swim) . Our Slimmimg world group is on a Monday which ties in with swimming too . Im hoping the swimming and yoga will help my back , strengthening my core muscles can only make things better … I hope!

 Im seeing the Osteopath again tomorrow, im really hoping we get a major break through soon and things get back to normal. I wish she could just snap me back into shape!  If for no other reason than I need my sex life back! Mr C and I have made love once in about six weeks. Im sure for some couples thats normal , believe me i’ve been in relationships when that would have been an improvment! But for us this is not normal, We would normally have sex at least once a week. Generally its more like three times and when we’re both feeling very horny we can go every day, twice some days!

 Our sex life has been fantastic since the very start. I think it’s because we love each other so much , trust each other completely , turn each other on all the time and of course we are equally filthy minded! We talk about our sex life all the time, compare fantacies and talk about other people we find atractive. So im hoping that if I get my body back in order our sex life can get back on track too!

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