Thats not a Tortoise!

I foster animals for our local rescue centre. Im listed for exotics as lots of people will take in dogs and cats , rabbits and the like. So I get the stranger things.
The man who runs the rescue John called me yesterday afternoon to see if I could help with a Tortoise which had been dug up in someones garden. He came over with said Tortoise last night , only problem was it’s not a tortoise! Surely a man who rescues animals for a living should know the difference! It is a lovely male Turtle (Terrapin) who we’ve given the name Rocky, as the elderly gent who dug him up thought he was a funny shaped rock!
This is not the first time John has got his species mixed up , last year he brought me a duckling which someones cat had come home with. It was unhurt if a little shaken up but it sertainly wasn’t a duckling! He was a baby “little grebe” who we named Grebo . He stayed with us for a while till a place came up for him at a wildlife rescue that had other baby wild fowl.
Rocky may or may not be rehomed …. not sure yet he’s very cute!

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