The house that health forgot!

Two sick kids and one very sore mummy.
G Girl has Norovirus and Cheeky is running a temperature so think he’s getting it too.
My back is still really bad which makes looking after my poorly babies even harder. I haven’t got the energy to clean the house and bring them drinks and medicen and blankets . Do the dishes and the washing , check temps , make snacks (which Cheeky won’t eat and G can’t eat) . Wash more dishes and feed animals . Bring more drinks ….. it just goes on and on . These are the only times I wish I wasn’t a single mum!

Tommorow I have a woman coming to visit about my benefit. Im not sure what it’s about but I think some one has made faulse alligations again. I hate having my life disected . The worst thing is I know my problems are only going to get worse so im probably going to end up on dissabilety . Im going to have to look into getting help to get Cheeky to school too I can’t keep relying on other parents to take him and bring him home. Deppressing!

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