Feeling good!

Im feeling good this evening.

My back hasn’t felt so bad today , the aqua fit class Nicki and I took last night must have helped! As a result I managed to get into town this morning . I’ve done some shopping and filled the fruit bowl (more healthy snacks to help me eat better!) and spent some time with Mr C. But even better than that…

We had sex! I’ve craved him so much and had to make the most of my pain free day (just incase it doesn’t last) so we went back to bed for a while when we came back from town. We cuddled and kissed and one thing let to another. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other and had fabulas passionate sex . We even ended up cumming together in one intence and pretty loud orgasm! It was brilliant the release was amazing . I feel like I’ve let go of all the stress of the last few weeks , isn’t it odd how sex can make things feel so much better!
  Now im hoping the pain reduction lasts so I can get my life back on track and even better get my sex life back on track!  Mr C and I have been teasing each other about all the things we want to do . When im back to normal and can be a little more relaxed about my spine going into spasm we are going to arrange some adult play dates. Lots of our friends have been asking where we’ve gone , we haven’t played in such a long time!

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