Oh happy day!

My best friend Nicki asked me last week if I would plan her wedding vows renewal, thus making me a very happy lady . If there is one thing in life I believe I was made to do it is plan weddings! I have planned my own four times , but thats a different story.
I have already started making plans and writing lists then yesterday she supprised me again by asking me to be her maid of honor ( mistress of dishonour) I nearly cried! Im soooo excited if you have seen the episode of ‘Friends’ where Monica plans the wedding , she has the ear piece and clip board … thats me!
Im already planning the hen parties , we have to have two so that Nicki’s daughters can come and so that she can have fun on the second one without her sister in laws looking down thier noses at her!
This September is their 15th anniversary and as the first time they didn’t have much money this time they want to do it in style. All the girls are going to be brides maids and there son who will be a ring barer he’s two and so cute.
The plans for the hen and the wedding will be a great way to keep myself motivated and keep my mood up, and of course the maid of honor is supposed to sleep with the best man … let’s hope he’s good looking!

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