My Family.

My Family

My Mother;
A bully who trys to control everyone. Prone to extreme bouts of temper and occasional violence. Has the abilety to make anyone feel inferior given half a chance!

My Father;
A coward who would rather put up with my mothers crap than stand up to her.

My Sister;
An evil bitch , like my mother she is a bully and a control freak. She has three tristed sons .

Brother in law;
Dumb, not just for marrying my sister but actually just dumb!

Nephew 1.
The eldest of the hell brats . Him and his younger brother have in the past been called “the Cray Brothers born again” and that really fits!

Nephew 2.
Demon boy … not a lot I can say really he’s twelve and has spent his childhood killing animals! need I say more?

Nephew 3.
At the age of four he broke my mothers arm in a fit of temper…He is not a nice child.

My Brother;
Dan the man. He’s a great guy , honest caring and hard working .

Sister in law;
Kel. One of the nicest women i’ve ever met . Im very happy to have her in my life!

Their Sons;
Ben ,10, a lovely quiet kid who likes sports cars.
Jacob,8, another great boy who loves fishing.
Jonah,6, a real charector who is being assesed for autism.
Samuel,2, Gorgeous little man who likes finding frogs in the garden.

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