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How much can one person take?

Im not sure how much fight I have left. I have taken another gut punch from my family. They have broken me. I have to leave and try and start a new. Find a way out of here so they … Continue reading

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Madness and pain

I’ve been out of action for nearly three weeks now. Im in so much pain one minute I can’t think straight then the pain subsides and I get stuck in to all the many jobs that are mounting up around … Continue reading

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The good the bad and the ugly of 2012.

This year has been pretty shite! In January I took the twat who fathered my eldest children to CSA because he refused to pay towards their upbringing. Febuary he made a faulse report to the social saying Mr C was … Continue reading

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Im not pregnant!

I’ve had a pain in my side since thursday. Down low on my right side . I saw the doc yesterday just incase it was some thing that would get worse over the weekend. Her first thought was an ectopic … Continue reading

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