Spunky jumper!

I gave my first BJ a very long time ago , I have always swollowed. I have prided myself on my ability to never spill a drop!

I have given head in moving cars and in pubs. In cinemas and clubs . I’ve even sucked more than one at a time and have never spilt.

My problems with my back apart from scewing up my day to day life have also screwed up my sex life. Mr C and I have made love once in the last eight weeks , through nessesity it wasn’t the wildest most physically demanding sex. But it is always good. But what I want right now is not gentle caring carresses and slow carefull love making. I sorry we (because im assured it’s not just me.) want truely filthy hard rough sex!
Yesterday he came over to visit me for a couple of hours and since my back wasn’t too painfull I took it upon myself to make sure he left feeling satisfied. I sucked him off in the lounge , he had a fabulas orgasm and came very hard down my throat. It wasn’t till about half an hour later I realised I had a mark down the front of my jumper, I had spilt!

Since my first blow job , far too many years ago to mention I have never spilt … now this back issue is getting serious!

Does anyone know how to get spunk stains out of wool?

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