Oh happy day!

My best friend Nicki asked me last week if I would plan her wedding vows renewal, thus making me a very happy lady . If there is one thing in life I believe I was made to do it is plan weddings! I have planned my own four times , but thats a different story.
I have already started making plans and writing lists then yesterday she supprised me again by asking me to be her maid of honor ( mistress of dishonour) I nearly cried! Im soooo excited if you have seen the episode of ‘Friends’ where Monica plans the wedding , she has the ear piece and clip board … thats me!
Im already planning the hen parties , we have to have two so that Nicki’s daughters can come and so that she can have fun on the second one without her sister in laws looking down thier noses at her!
This September is their 15th anniversary and as the first time they didn’t have much money this time they want to do it in style. All the girls are going to be brides maids and there son who will be a ring barer he’s two and so cute.
The plans for the hen and the wedding will be a great way to keep myself motivated and keep my mood up, and of course the maid of honor is supposed to sleep with the best man … let’s hope he’s good looking!

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How much can one person take?

Im not sure how much fight I have left.
I have taken another gut punch from my family. They have broken me.
I have to leave and try and start a new. Find a way out of here so they can’t find me and I don’t have to worry about what they will do next .

They say god will only test you if he knows you can get through it, if you are strong… I must be a bloody super hero!

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Feeling good!

Im feeling good this evening.

My back hasn’t felt so bad today , the aqua fit class Nicki and I took last night must have helped! As a result I managed to get into town this morning . I’ve done some shopping and filled the fruit bowl (more healthy snacks to help me eat better!) and spent some time with Mr C. But even better than that…

We had sex! I’ve craved him so much and had to make the most of my pain free day (just incase it doesn’t last) so we went back to bed for a while when we came back from town. We cuddled and kissed and one thing let to another. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other and had fabulas passionate sex . We even ended up cumming together in one intence and pretty loud orgasm! It was brilliant the release was amazing . I feel like I’ve let go of all the stress of the last few weeks , isn’t it odd how sex can make things feel so much better!
  Now im hoping the pain reduction lasts so I can get my life back on track and even better get my sex life back on track!  Mr C and I have been teasing each other about all the things we want to do . When im back to normal and can be a little more relaxed about my spine going into spasm we are going to arrange some adult play dates. Lots of our friends have been asking where we’ve gone , we haven’t played in such a long time!

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Spunky jumper!

I gave my first BJ a very long time ago , I have always swollowed. I have prided myself on my ability to never spill a drop!

I have given head in moving cars and in pubs. In cinemas and clubs . I’ve even sucked more than one at a time and have never spilt.

My problems with my back apart from scewing up my day to day life have also screwed up my sex life. Mr C and I have made love once in the last eight weeks , through nessesity it wasn’t the wildest most physically demanding sex. But it is always good. But what I want right now is not gentle caring carresses and slow carefull love making. I sorry we (because im assured it’s not just me.) want truely filthy hard rough sex!
Yesterday he came over to visit me for a couple of hours and since my back wasn’t too painfull I took it upon myself to make sure he left feeling satisfied. I sucked him off in the lounge , he had a fabulas orgasm and came very hard down my throat. It wasn’t till about half an hour later I realised I had a mark down the front of my jumper, I had spilt!

Since my first blow job , far too many years ago to mention I have never spilt … now this back issue is getting serious!

Does anyone know how to get spunk stains out of wool?

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The house that health forgot!

Two sick kids and one very sore mummy.
G Girl has Norovirus and Cheeky is running a temperature so think he’s getting it too.
My back is still really bad which makes looking after my poorly babies even harder. I haven’t got the energy to clean the house and bring them drinks and medicen and blankets . Do the dishes and the washing , check temps , make snacks (which Cheeky won’t eat and G can’t eat) . Wash more dishes and feed animals . Bring more drinks ….. it just goes on and on . These are the only times I wish I wasn’t a single mum!

Tommorow I have a woman coming to visit about my benefit. Im not sure what it’s about but I think some one has made faulse alligations again. I hate having my life disected . The worst thing is I know my problems are only going to get worse so im probably going to end up on dissabilety . Im going to have to look into getting help to get Cheeky to school too I can’t keep relying on other parents to take him and bring him home. Deppressing!

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Thats not a Tortoise!

I foster animals for our local rescue centre. Im listed for exotics as lots of people will take in dogs and cats , rabbits and the like. So I get the stranger things.
The man who runs the rescue John called me yesterday afternoon to see if I could help with a Tortoise which had been dug up in someones garden. He came over with said Tortoise last night , only problem was it’s not a tortoise! Surely a man who rescues animals for a living should know the difference! It is a lovely male Turtle (Terrapin) who we’ve given the name Rocky, as the elderly gent who dug him up thought he was a funny shaped rock!
This is not the first time John has got his species mixed up , last year he brought me a duckling which someones cat had come home with. It was unhurt if a little shaken up but it sertainly wasn’t a duckling! He was a baby “little grebe” who we named Grebo . He stayed with us for a while till a place came up for him at a wildlife rescue that had other baby wild fowl.
Rocky may or may not be rehomed …. not sure yet he’s very cute!

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Poorly girl – tired mummy!

G Girl is poorly, she’s been up most of the night being sick. She is white as a ghost and has the shakes. Cheeky is trying to get off school too , he says he should stay at home to help look after her, nice try little man!

It started to snow last night , not much though so im hoping it snows more today then I can take the boys to the park later to play in the snow. I love building snow men with them and watching them make snow angels.

My back is still killing me this morning, hope the osteopath helps later!

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Tomorrow is day one!

We have had our fiest meeting and made our plans , tomorrow we start to put them into action!

We (myself , Nicki , Jo and Samara) are joining slimming world and starting our get fit mission! We are starting slowely by swimming twice a week , then we’ll add a yoga class and a weekly walk (taking kids and K9’s too) . Eventually we want to swim Monday and Friday do Yoga on a wednesday and a fitness class like bums N tums or Zumba on a friday (before we swim) . Our Slimmimg world group is on a Monday which ties in with swimming too . Im hoping the swimming and yoga will help my back , strengthening my core muscles can only make things better … I hope!

 Im seeing the Osteopath again tomorrow, im really hoping we get a major break through soon and things get back to normal. I wish she could just snap me back into shape!  If for no other reason than I need my sex life back! Mr C and I have made love once in about six weeks. Im sure for some couples thats normal , believe me i’ve been in relationships when that would have been an improvment! But for us this is not normal, We would normally have sex at least once a week. Generally its more like three times and when we’re both feeling very horny we can go every day, twice some days!

 Our sex life has been fantastic since the very start. I think it’s because we love each other so much , trust each other completely , turn each other on all the time and of course we are equally filthy minded! We talk about our sex life all the time, compare fantacies and talk about other people we find atractive. So im hoping that if I get my body back in order our sex life can get back on track too!

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Madness and pain

I’ve been out of action for nearly three weeks now. Im in so much pain one minute I can’t think straight then the pain subsides and I get stuck in to all the many jobs that are mounting up around the house. Next thing I know im in agony again.
It’s really starting to get me down now, my mood is really low infact. Im relying on other people for everything it seems , Mums from the playground are taking Cheeky to school and bringing him home for me , its lovely but I want to be out living my life again not sat here (when im not in too much pain to sit down!) waiting for things to improve.
The kids have been great through all of it , even though im snappy and short tempered and getting them to do so much more around the house… im sure they think im the mum from hell at the moment.

Pain ,pain go away.
Let me live my life my way!

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New years resoloutions.

House hold resolutions.

1. I’ve done a cleaning rota .
This is to help me stay on top of things and to try and cut out the fatefull phrase “I forgot it was my turn” from the kids.

2. I’ve also done a pet care rota to stop the moaning about who does what.

3. If every one follows the rota pocket money will be given!

Personal resolutions.

1. To wear make up once a week.

2. Join and go to the sliming club.

3. To buy and wear more pretty underware.

4. Go back to the gym and start a yoga glass.

5. Turn my garden back into my sanctuary.

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